Corporate Social Responsibility

PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk

CSR Programs of PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk

(IKT embraces the community with its CSR)

As a State-owned Enterprise’s subsidiary that continuously grows and develops with international standard, participation and support from stakeholders, the community and shareholders of PT. IKT are essential. They create collective synergy to achieve the nation’s goals particularly in logistics and supply chain areas.

Therefore, we always strive to be more sensible and engage a communicative approach in upholding functional and aesthetical harmonies, so that the positive radiance and all the goodness will spread throughout the nation and the world.

CSR is a way for IKT to materialize all of the good processes and social responsibility consequences toward the local community. This effort must be constantly and progressively attempted. Apart from that, the program may bring sustainable benefit for the community. Above all, CSR is a form of devotion that embraces all the goodness for others, the nation, and the universe.

This is our devotion to our country

Proud of Working. Proud of Being Indonesia

IKT’s CSR Theme

IKT’s CSR Theme Embrace the Community.

The phrase conveys both philosophical and psychological messages which translate into the corporate’s efforts to maintain good relationship with the surrounding community in which education and learning processes are attempted.

This is simply IKT’s participation in term of nurturing good relationship and social care with the local community. On top of that, this also serves as a way of keeping the business synergy stable. PT. Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal, Tbk is obliged to preserve the harmony through the CSR programs. The theme adopted for PT. IKT’S CSR is “Rangkul Warga” (Embrace the Community).

‘Rangkul Warga’ is the symbol of mutual and interpersonal relations between the local community and the Company. Building collaboration, materializing the Company’s support to the local community and providing real contribution within the social setting framework will in the long run support the government program to assist and empower Indonesia’s community in general.

The concept of “Rangkul Warga” with PT. IKT’s CSR programs is meant to sharpen the Company’s existing programs which include four segment distributions as follows:

  • Education & Religion
  • Sport, Art & Culture
  • Youth & Entrepreneurship
  • Health, Social & Environment

CSR Legal Standing

  • Article 74, Act No. 40 year of 2007 on Limited Public Company and Government Regulation No. 47 Year of 2012 on Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.
  • Article 74, Act No. 40 year of 2007 on Limited Public Company.
  • Articles 15, 17 and 34, Act No. 25 year of 2007 on Capital Investment.
  • Act no. 19 year of 2003 on State-owned Enterprises.
  • Ministerial Regulation No. PER-08/MBU/2013 on fourth alteration on State-owned Enterprises. Ministerial Regulation No. PER-05/MBU/2007 on State-owned Enterprises Partnership Programs with Small Scale Enterprises and Community Assistance dated 10 September 2013.
  • Minister Regulation No. PER-09/MBU/07/2015 on State-owned Enterprises Partnership Programs with Small Scale Enterprises and Community Assistance dated 22 May 2015.
  • Directors Decree of PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) No: HK.568 /8/5/1/PI.II-17 on Guidelines for Implementation of Partnership, Community Assistance and Corporate Social Responsibility Program within PT. PELABUHAN INDONESIA II (PERSERO).


  • PT. IKT’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program is a part of social work program in terms of participation in maintaining harmonious relations with the local community.
  • PT. IKT’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program is a form of social care for the local community.
  • PT. IKT’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program is intended to maintain harmonious and stability in terms of business between PT. Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal, Tbk and the local community.
  • Creation of a systematic, comprehensive, sustainable purposive CSR program that can become a model or inspiration for other institutions.

Education and Religion

Assistance, participation and support for educational and religious event purposes.


  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Praying houses
  • Other educational and religious activities.


Sport, Art & Culture

Support and drive for community’s activities with regards to sports, arts and cultural development.


  • Sports club
  • Art events
  • Local community development centers
  • Others


Youth and Entrepreneur

Participation and support for youth and entrepreneur organizations.


  • Community youth clubs
  • Community organisasi which focuses on other teenager’s development activities.


Health, Social and Environment

Assistance, participation and support in community healthcare, social fun, empowerment of public facilities and improvement of community life environment.


  • Blood donation
  • Circumcizing
  • Community social work
  • Construction of public facilities
  • Environment conservation activities


Penyaluran CSR IKT 2017

No Penerima Lokasi Segmen CSR Jumlah
1 Sponsorsip Mobil Listrik Arjuna UGM Jogjakarta E & R Rp 112.700.000
2 Bakti Sosial RW 10, Kalibaru Tanjung Priok H,S & E Rp 89.976.500
3 Beasiswa Safari Ramadhan Tanjung Priok E & R RP 10.000.000
4 Mudik Gratis 2017 Jakarta Utara H,S & E Rp 600.000.000
5 Penyaluran Hewan Qurban Jakarta Utara E & R Rp 300.000.000
6 Beasiswa RW 8,9 10 Kalibaru Cilincing E & R Rp 148.000.000
7 Sponshorsip SMA Presiden – Cikarang Cikarang E & R Rp 30.000.000
8 Sponshorsip Kejuaran Dunia - Ancol Jakarta S, A & C Rp 20.000.000
9 Sponshorsip Forum Pemuda Internasional di Korea Selatan Jakarta Y & Ent Rp 5.000.000
10 Bantuan pembangunan TK Aisyah Jakarta H,S & E Rp 95.787.000
11 Pembangunan Kantor Polsek Kalibaru Jakadrta Utara H,S & E Rp 10.000.000
12 Santunan Yayasan Nurul Zahro Jakarta Utara E & R Rp 25.000.000
13 Yayasan Autis – Jati Asih Bekasi H, S & E Rp 2.000.000
14 Bantuan Karang Taruna Kalibaru Cilincing Y & E Rp 1.000.000
15 Bantuan PKK Kalibaru Cilincing H, S & E Rp 1.000.000
16 Bantuan dana sepak Takraw PSTI Jakarta S, A & C Rp 500.000
17 Bantuan Pos Pam Ops Ramadniya Jaya 2017 Cilincing H, S & E Rp 5.400.000
18 Bantuan Dana Musholla Al Hidayah Jakarta E & R Rp 2.000.000
19 Bantuan Acara HUT RI di Univ. Gunadarma Jakarta Timur E & R Rp 1.000.000
20 Bantuan Sosial Koperasi TKBM Kalibaru Tanjung Priok H, S & E Rp 2.000.000
21 Donasi Yayasan Bina Sosial Tanjung Priok H, S & E Rp 500.000
22 Bantuan Sosial Diklatsus Baritim Jakarta H, S & E Rp 30.000.000
23 Bantuan Dana Porseni Karang Taruna Kalibaru Tanjung Priok S, A & C Rp 1.000.000
24 Bantuan Prembangunan Kantor Polsesk Kalibaru Jakarta Utara H, S & E Rp 25.000.000
Education & Religion : Rp 628,700,000
Health, Social & Environment : Rp 861,663,500
Youth & Entrepreneurship : Rp 6,000,000
Sport, Art & Culture : Rp 21,500,000
Total Penyaluran : Rp 1,517,863,500