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2019-01-09 | 38 views

Greetings, on the afternoon of January 9, 2019, the Commercial VP of PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPC Car Terminal), Donny Yuniarto accompanied by Merylin Situmorang (DVP Key Account Management) and Medika Sakina (Commercial DVP) received guests from Hyundai Glovis and PT Prime represented by Mrs. Michele Lee (President Director of PT. Prime), Ms. Yoo (Operation Manager (PT. Prime), Mr. Jung Kwang (Overseas Hyundai Glovis Manager), Mr. Koo Ja-Won (Asst Manager Oversean Hyundai Glovis), Imansya (General Manager of PT Prime) and Doni Cahyo N (Manager PT Prime.

The arrival of the car factory from Ginseng Country aims to partner with PT. Indonesia Kendaraan  Terminal Tbk as a car terminal facilitator for the company.

The exploration of the collaboration was carried out by Hyundai Glovis regarding their plan to pour large amounts of investment in the construction of car factories in Indonesia to meet domestic and international markets. This causes the Hyundai automotive company to require vehicle terminal services when it comes to shipping international and domestic cars. Therefore, they entrust PT. Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk which can provide vehicle terminal services.

As one of the terminal service provider companies that is always consistent in improving the performance and business performance, PT. Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk is considered as the company that best meets their standards. This visit is a good start for both parties. It is hoped that the collaboration can run optimally, in order to build a better Indonesian economy in the future.

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