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2018-12-07 | 115 views

The Election of IPC Car Terminal to Win 1st Place The Most Implemented Culture 2018 in the 26th Anniversary of IPC award is a challenge that must be proven to do better, more useful and inspire the universe.

The challenge needs to be proof that between assessment and reality must be in harmony.
The award was presented at the peak of the 26th anniversary of the IPC anniversary in front of the Indonesian Maritime Museum Building on December 7, 2018 which was submitted directly by the Director of HR IPC Mr. Rizal Ariansyah to the Director of IPC Car Terminal Chiefy Adi K.
Not only in an artificial / aesthetic sense that is our promise to all stakeholders and part of the cultural transformation of the IPC Group and the future of the Indonesian nation. But also in a fundamental / substantial sense that the successful implementation of cultural transformation in the IPC Car Terminal is able to produce better and more leaders or talent.
A real superior performance that can create happy employees, happy customers, happy country is the goal of transformation culture. Culture transformation should not stop and must always be echoed not only through symbols and attributes but also the implementation of LOVE company values ​​(Customer centric, Integrity, Nationalism, Teamwork Action) to give birth to behaviors / behaviors and attitudes that are character and world class that superior in service and operations.
Of course this mandate must be answered by all the role models and change agents of the IPC Car Terminal that have been given a full space of contribution, inspiration, innovation / creativity space to do the following:
a. Continue things that are good
b. Straighten things that aren`t good yet
c. Resolving things that have not been resolved
d. Build something new.
Furthermore, it is supported by the placement of employees in accordance with his passion that supports working with love (loving his job) that can create a culture of transformation that supports the company`s performance which in turn can become part of the happiness, pride and future of the Indonesian Nation
This award is a gift as well as a whip for IPC Car Terminal which happened to be on December 1, 2018 to commemorate its 6th anniversary with the theme of Passion, Love Culture and Rock.
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Bangga Berkarya, Bangga Indonesia
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