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2018-12-10 | 89 views

Like a tree, leaves and fruit are something that looks and instantly people can see the results of a tree. It could be that the fruits and leaves are thick because the drug or carbite which has a year and two of fruiting, but then it doesn`t even die.

A good tree must be supported by strong roots. Even though he was covered in dirt and invisible. Indeed, he is the one who supports a tree to leaf and bear fruit to provide benefits.

The root is Passion, Love, Culture. To produce stems, sturdy twigs, green leaves that are able to produce oxygen as a source of life, coolness and longing, a dense fruit that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also eaten, which eventually rises to the height of the tree (reaching up) by strong roots plunging the earth). People who work in accordance with the Passion that will foster Love for what is done and produced, thus creating Culture (Bad to Good, Good to Great, Great to Excellent, Excellent to Legacy). In the end it will reach the highest peak Rock, the source of happiness and benefits for the universe.

Our journey in discovering balance. The risk of flight`s grounded while taking, one remain at a time.

Such is the spirit that has been upheld by PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPCC) to appreciate 6 years of real work for Indonesia. The 6th IPCC Anniversary took place lively, the employees seemed to enjoy the moment where they were part of the IPCC`s 6 years of work. Various events helped color the happy moments in the IPCC togetherness house, including various competitions such as Performance Art, Yells, Karaoke, Painting, Table Tennis, and Gaple. All of this enthusiasm was also maximized by the appearance of one of the most famous bands in Indonesia, Chaplin Band.

The IPCC HUT activities lasted until the afternoon, closed with dance performance from the Secretary of the IPCC Directors, IPCC Choir Choir, Door prize distribution, and Announcement of the winners. The winners of the competition at the 6th IPCC Anniversary are:

  1. Performance Art: 1st Champion-Strategy Division, 2nd Champion-Finance Division, 3rd Champion-Commercial Division.
  2. Yells: 1st Champion-PT ADM, 2nd Champion-Division Secretary, 3thChampion-HR Division
  3. Karaoke: 1st Champion-Yuyuk Awirno-Terminal Domestic, 2nd Champion-Mia-ISS, 3rd Champion-Odd-Customs
  4. Chess: 1st Champion-PT BKI, 2nd Champion-Domestic Terminal, 3rd Champion-Terminal International
  5. Table Tennis: 1st Champion-PT ICT , 2nd -Champion- PT ADM, 3rd Champion -PT TMMIN
  6. Gaple: 1st Champion-HR Division, 2nd Champion-International Terminal, 3rd Winner-KPK Division
  7. Painting: 1st Championr - International Terminal Division, 2nd Champion-Strategy Division, 3rd Champion-Domestic Terminal Division

With the celebration of PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk`s anniversary, it is expected to be able to pump up the enthusiasm and motivation of all employees to remain consistent in supporting IPCC to become a world-class car terminal management company that excels in service and operations

PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk is expected to be a part of Indonesia`s happiness, pride and future.

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