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2018-12-05 | 81 views

PT Indonesia Car Terminal Tbk (IPC Car Terminal) has again carried out the agenda of the National Work Meeting in 2018, located at the Innovation Room Room, CSC Office, PT Indonesia Car Terminal Tbk. The implementation of the National Work Meeting was attended by all Directors, Independent Commissioners, Bay M Hasani, and all VP, DVP, and IPCC Employees.

The event was opened with remarks from the Commissioners and Directors and was confirmed by the beating of Gong which was greeted warmly by all meeting participants.

The IPCC 2018 National Work Meeting discussed the achievement and performance planning of each existing Directorate, such as the Main Directorate, Compliance and GCG, Operations, Commercial and Business Development, Finance and HR, and the MKO-MTKI Business Unit. The IKT`s 2019 business roadmap, Sustainable Superior Performance, is the basis for each directorate to compile 10 priorities for his work program in 2019.

As for the 2019 performance planning discussed in the 2018 National Working Meeting, namely, the Main Directorate focuses on Increasing Company Branding; The Directorate of compliance and GCG with an increase in optimal corporate governance is indicated by the company`s increasing GCG value;

Commercial and Business Development Directorate with business expansion by opening a business unit, as well as establishing partnerships with new transportation service partners and providers;

Operational Directorate with CAPEX optimization to optimize facilities and create an increasingly modern digitalization system.

Directorate of Finance and HR with the main program to improve HR competency and financial absorption in terms of effective and efficient cost and profit management.

The IPCC 2018 National Work Meeting was followed with great enthusiasm by the employees. Some questions, input and suggestions from each meeting participant contributed to the performance of IPCC in 2019. Towards the end of the 2018 IPCC National Working Meeting, IPCC Management gave appreciation to the best performing employees, by increasing the position and class of employees.

The Working Meeting was closed by the President Director of IPCC, Chiefy Adi Kusmargono, who gave a message to all IPCC employees to be consistent in providing their best innovations, creations, works and performance, accompanied by CINTA values, for the World-class IPCC.


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