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2018-12-30 | 90 views

Greetings, Today the management of PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPC Car Terminal), led by the Director of Commercial and Development, Arif Isnawan, accompanied by the IPCC managerial staff, carried out the ceremonial release of the last vessel in 2018 to M.V. American Highway VOY. 151.

Ceremony was carried out by giving souvenirs, jackets and IPCC shirts handed over by the Director of Commercial and Business Development, Arif Isnawan, to the Captain and Deputy Captain of the M.V Ship. American Highway VOY. 151.
The implementation of the simple ceremonies held this morning is a symbol of the end of Operational activities in 2018 and greetings welcoming the new year 2019. This ceremony is also a reminder symbol for the IPCC to always improve its performance performance consistently for the progress of the nation and state. In addition to the commitment to improve level of service, this event is also to convey the message that the IPCC as part of the future, happiness and pride of Indonesia wants to show that the personal approach shown by friendliness and politeness and professional intimacy is shown by gratitude for trust in 2018 and invite back with more services in 2019.
Finally, let us continue to maintain the spirit to continue working and serving the nation. It is not enough hard work but we must also compare it with smart work and sincere work for the benefit of the company, IPC, our beloved nation and country, Indonesia.
Salam Cinta, 
Salam Merah Putih, 
Bangga Berkarya, 
Bangga Indonesia,
IPC Car Terminal,
We Will Shine With You.
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