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2019-01-28 | 58 views

Jakarta, January 28, 2019 In order to realize the implementation of corporate value, CINTA especially Customer Centric, PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk. (IPCC) today, PT Indonesia KendaraanTerminal Tbk. (IPCC) received a visit from the Bangladesh Delegation. The delegations consisted of representatives of the Bangladesh government, Toyota manufacturing representatives in Singapore who have a number of partners in various countries, and customers from Bangladesh.
The activity began with an introduction between the IPCC which was represented by Chiefy Adi K who was the Managing Director of the IPCC accompanied by S. Joko as VP Terminal International, and Merlyn Situmorang, VP Key Account Management. Then continued with the presentation of the IPCC presentation delivered by Chiefy Adi K, as the IPCC`s Managing Director.
The activity continued with a site visit to review facilities and parking lots / vehicle buildup owned by the IPCC. In addition to reviewing the parking lot, the delegates also inspected vehicle units in the IPCC parking building. Meanwhile, they plan to import Toyota Fortuner units from Indonesia to Bangladesh. After seeing and inspecting facilities at the IPCC, the delegates were very impressed with the various facilities that the IPCC had. Not only that, the delegates also received detailed explanations regarding the condition of the port, the vehicle`s hand over mechanism to customers, shipping, and others delivered by VP Terminal Internasional, S. Joko
The activity is part of a plan to explore cooperation between the two. It is hoped that there will be a synergy of mutually beneficial cooperation on both sides, especially at the IPCC to improve financial and operational performance.
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