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2019-05-02 | 689 views

Jakarta, May 2, 2019 - In its efforts to get closer to investors, today, PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPCC) received a visit from the MNC Gemesin Asia Charts Community to attend and see first hand the business and business carried out by the IPCC.

This activity was initiated by representatives from the community with the IPCC Investor Relations, Reza Priyambada, with the aim of getting closer to getting to know the IPCC. The brief introduction to the IPCC was delivered by Sugeng Mulyadi, Director of Finance and Human Capital when the IPCC participated in the series of activities of the Gemesin Community (Gemar Saving Indonesian Stock) Asia Charts (GAC), with the theme Kick Off 2019. MNC Gemesin. Be Original Be The First on April 27, 2019. In this activity, besides being discussed related to the development of the Capital Market, it also presented issuers, one of which was the IPCC.

The visit of the GAC Community which was attended by 60 people was welcomed by the Corporate Secretary Team and immediately invited to go around to see the atmosphere of the IPCC office which was millennial style so it was comfortable to work.

After members of the GAC Community were invited to tour the office, then they went to the site (site visit) to see directly the IPCC operations. During the field visit, Indra Hidayat Sani, Director of Operations was guided. On this occasion, Indra explained how the operational process took place at the vehicle shelter in the IPCC. "Our terminal is divided into two, namely international and domestic. International for exports and imports. Domestic for transportation and delivery between islands. The most types of vehicles in our terminal are passenger types, SUVs, MPVs, and LCGCs. At the IPCC, each vehicle is equipped with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or barcode so that it is easier for us to control every vehicle loading and unloading, "Indra explained during a field visit.

After visiting the field, the next activity listened to a more detailed explanation of the IPCC at the Innovation Room. In his explanation, Indra explained from the industry, company background, use of IPO funds, line of busines, and future development. Indra also added related cargo data / throughput where up to March 2019 there were 88,385 CBU units of export-import with an increase of 9.04 percent compared to the same period in the previous year with 81,059 units. "This proves that the demand for exports is increasingly showing along with the increase in the purchasing power of vehicles in a number of export destinations," Indra said.

Regarding land development, Indra again explained that production in Thailand is increasingly limited so that many automotive manufacturers divert it to Indonesia. To anticipate it, the IPCC will prepare vertical parking lots to increase car loading capacity. Not only that, a number of areas where the concession will expire will later be returned to the IPC and then the IPCC will be used to increase the holding area.

Meanwhile, in other strategic matters related to if export demand falls, the IPCC will take anticipatory steps. Indra explained in the question and answer session, "We will anticipate this through adding delivery of throughput heavy equipment because it is needed in infrastructure development as well as in line with government development programs; then, domestic where the demand for vehicles in Indonesian society is quite high as purchasing power increases; and then the value added service where IPCC provides finishing, checking, minor repair, accessories fittings, car washing and heavy equipment, port-stock, and others ". Then in preparation for the presence of electric cars, Indra again said that the IPCC will prepare parking lots where solar cells will be installed to be used to accommodate energy sources that can be used not only for office electricity but also for charging energy sources to be used in electric cars .

On that occasion, Sugeng Mulyadi also conveyed at the end of the presentation the company`s performance related to the importance of investing. "Again, I convey that investing in shares is not limited to a period of 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months. Investments in stocks are more long-term so that returns can be felt optimally. We can invest regularly in shares so that later we can enjoy later on, "said Sugeng Mulyadi. He also added that the achievement of optimal and always increasing performance and business investment which has always been the main focus of development has become one of the factors to invest in shares in the IPCC.

Not to forget, the GAC Community group took time to have lunch at the IPCC`s PitStop Cafè which was just inaugurated on April 24, 2019. "The IPCC #PitStop Café is expected to be a cool, exciting place, enjoy for every one in the Port environment, especially at the IPCC. "Here we present the concept of hanging out at home," said IPCC Managing Director, Chiefy Adi K.

Hopefully with this activity, it can provide added value to the community, especially prospective investors, and attract the interest of shareholders to jointly join the IPCC to advance and prosper the nation and state.
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