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JAKARTA, 4 th October 2018

PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal, Tbk or IPCC have won 2 awards consecutively in TOP 2018 CSR held by Madani Group’s Top Business Magazine. The 2 awards were won by Mr Chiefy Adi K, President Director of IPCC, as Top Leader of 2018 CSR Commitment and Top CSR Improvement.

These awards were achieved by IPCC thanking the consistency of work which has been carried out by its 4 CSR programs which embraces citizens and has became the Company’s CSR branding.

IPCC continues to embody itself effectively and target CSR programs which are effective with substantive approaches, empowerment, independence, welfare and through innovative creative strategies to support the existence of companies in the community.

This matter has been considered to have impact on the realization of togetherness and social stability which is the fundamental of IPCC’s sustainability in boosting the company’s performance in synergy with its stakeholders and regulators in improving the quality of the business and socio-economic environment that enables all parties to grow together.

TOP CSR 2018 is the highest award given for companies which are considered successful in implementing CSR / Community Development programs effectively and targeted for Indonesia.

For IPCC as a company which has been listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange since 9 th July 2018, this has been a driving force to continue to implement Good Corporate Citizenship in carrying out Good Corporate Governance and CSR which are effective, transparent and accountable.

IPCC is considered successful in placing CSR programs with branding of Embracing Citizens distributed through 4 divisions:

1. Education & Religion

2. Sport, Art & Culture

3. Youth & Entrepreneurship

4. Health, Social & Environment 

The award night which carried the theme of “Great CSR for Great Business” took place at The Sultan Hotel in Jakarta on Thursday 4 th September 2018.

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