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Jakarta, September 24, 2019. On this day, PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk or IPCC held a Public Expose (Pubex) 2019 to describe the development of performance both in terms of operational and financial. The company, which was established in 2006 in August 2019, managed to handle a total CBU surge of 58,100 units, an increase of 55.30% YoY from the same period last year, which only reached 37,411 vehicles. This condition is the highest achievement record in handling its operational activities while the company was established, where in August 2019 the number of CBU vehicles exported through the IPCC international terminal field totaled 35,857 units or 54.73% YoY higher compared to the same period last year. amounting to 23,174 units.

Not only exports, the IPCC also handled the import CBUs throughout August 2019 totaling 6,988 units, 20.57% higher compared to the same period last year of 5,796 units. The increase is expected to get better along with the trust of partners and other stakeholders for efforts to improve customer centric oriented services within the IPCC. The increase was supported by the increase in loading and unloading of a number of well-known brands. Among Mitsubishi Expander, Suzuki New Carry Pick Up, Honda Brio, and followed other brands such as Wuling by using the Captiva brand.

"The increasing demand for vehicles, especially in the Middle East, especially for small vehicles such as Toyota Yaris, has led to increased export activity and the condition will be very positive for the IPCC. On the other hand, the Government`s efforts to intensify vehicle exports to offset the trade balance deficit also provide good news for the IPCC ”, added Indra Hidayat Sani, Director of Operations

Previously, Financial Performance in the first semester of 2019 of PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPCC) was affected by the performance factors of the Second Quarter which were affected by the impact of the election and Eid events in the Second Quarter, as well as the global factors of the continuing trade war between the US and China so that it had an impact on economic growth to demand in the market, especially heavy equipment. If seen previously, in the first quarterof 2019 the performance still looks good (revenue rose from 115.13 billion in the first quarter of the previous year to 117.41 billion, up 1.98%, and profits rose from 49.03 billion to 54.71 billion, up 28.24% YoY basis in the first quarter of 2019.

In the first semester of 2019, the company posted revenue of Rp228.70 billion in which the acquisition was 8.62% lower compared to the same period last year of Rp250.27 billion due to the achievement of revenue in the terminal service segment which was lower by 8.90% (YoY) to Rp212.72 billion from the first semester of last year of Rp233.49 billion. EBITDA decreased slightly from the acquisition of IDR 128.27 billion in the first semester of last year to IDR 121.44 billion or lower by 5.33% (YoY). However, IPCC was still able to obtain IPCC net profit in the first semester of 2019 amounting to Rp90.57 billion compared to the same period last year of Rp94.87 billion. On the other hand, the company can still maintain high operating profit margins, EBITDA, and net profit at a fairly high level. In the second semester of this year, the company is optimistic that there will be a surge in international activity, especially in vehicle exports which tends to increase again. With the completion of the Presidential Election and legislative events that ended well, the APM will maximize the remaining months of this year to pursue this year`s export target.

From other news, recently the IPCC gained full trust in handling the loading and unloading of vehicles where in mid-September 2019 the IPCC began to fully handle all Passenger Car (CBU) cargoes, Heavy Equipment, Buses / Trucks, and General Cargo on ships owned PT Toyofuji Serasi Indonesia. This proves that the services provided with the concept of Happy Employee, Happy Customer, Happy Country are able to foster customer confidence to continue to improve the company`s performance. This inaugural ship owned by PT Toyofuji Serasi Indonesia has been docked on September 20, 2019 with an estimated load of 382 CBU units, 6 units of motorcycles, and 1 unit of heavy equipment via the MV Serasi I Voy I / 485 ship.

"This is a tangible form of management in developing the value of the Customer Centric company. Customer satisfaction is our priority. It is hoped that with the full restoration of this ship owned by PT Toyofuji Serasi Indonesia, customer confidence will increase so that they can provide mutual benefits and added value for both parties and even more extent to the Indonesian people. " said Chiefy Adi K, President Director of PT IKT Tbk.

Therefore, all RoRo Vessels previously handled at the Multipurpose Terminal are currently 100% handled by PT IKT Tbk.


In closing, Arif Isnawan, Director of Commercial and Business Development delivered the IPCC`s vision and mission and long-term targets. In the future, to support the logistics chain ecosystem, the IPCC has the opportunity to become a World Class Automotive Trade Facilitator that can maximize added value for all stakeholders in a sustainable manner in order to improve the national economy and public welfare

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