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2019-01-01 | 55 views

Greetings, this morning, the management of the IPCC was led by the Director of Commercial and Business Development, Arif Isnawan, carrying out the first ship reception ceremony in 2019.

The first ship in 2019 which docked at the IPCC was the United Spirit VOY 0210A which departed from Singapore port and sailed back to Port Klang Malaysia. United Spirit Ship VOY 0210A unloads process at IPCC with cargo details: 5 units of cars, Truck & Bus 106 units, Heavy Equipment 11 units, and Spare Parts 36 units
The first United Spirit VOY 0210A ship reception at the IPCC was celebrated with IPCC souvenirs, jackets and shirts handed over alternately by the Director of Commercial and Business Development, Arif Isnawan, VP of Terminal International Operation, S. Joko and VP Corporate Secretary, Sofyan Gumelar, to United Spirit Ship Captain VOY 0210A, Capt. Brummel Yambao.
The routine Ceremoni implementation carried out by the IPCC at the beginning of this year is a symbol of the company`s optimistic spirit in welcoming better sustainable performance compared to the previous year, and as part of the Customer Centric principle that always prioritizes and serves customers and partners with sincerity and politeness and friendliness part of improving the level of services and character of the Indonesian nation.
Hopefully in 2019, IPCC and customers can grow together and become more successful in improving the performance of the company`s work and improving quality as a world-class car terminal that is the pride of the nation and the State of Indonesia.
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