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 JAKARTA, 11th October 2018 – Consistency of PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk or IPCC (Stock Code: IPCC.IJ) when it comes to the development of its car terminal operations post-IPO which place on 9th July 2018 continues to be realized. On this occasion, Namyong Terminal Thailand (“Namyong Terminal”), a Thai company which is also listed in Thai Stock Exchange, conducted a site visit to IPCC which is the biggest car terminal operator in Indonesia. The delegation from Namyong Terminal consists of Capt. Amornnat Janyong (Senior Executive VP and Chief Operation Officer) and Weerapong Sripa (Terminal Operations Manager).

The site visit by Namyong Terminal was conducted for the purpose of exploring a strategic partnership in the areas of business and operations, and the delegation was received directly by IPCC President Director Mr Chiefy Adi K whom was accompanied by all IPCC Directors. The visit to the domestic car terminal was led by Mr Indra Hidayat Sani (IPCC Director of Operations) and Mr Donny Yuniarto (IPCC VP Commercial). The main business lines of Namyong Terminal being the Largest Car Terminal Operator in Thailand as well as the second Largest Car Terminal in South East Asia, is in the provision of loading and unloading services, port stock as well as other value-added services such as warehousing and vehicle cleansing.

Director of Finance & Human Resources of IPCC Mr Sugeng Mulyadi explained key financial and operational highlights of IPCC during the first semester of 2018 to Namyong Terminal Delegates and this has made Namyong representatives consider investing in IPCC shares through the secondary market, given the strong development potential that IPCC offers going forward, which in fact looks very promising in becoming a bigger entity. Namyong representatives have also added that the operations and management of IPCC has already reached the level which are in compliant with the International Best Practices for Car Terminal Operator.
Furthermore, the two companies have agreed to formulate a possibility for Namyong Terminal and IPCC in identifying a synergy to be a Global Car Terminal Operator where they the two will jointly manage and operate car terminals in various countries including South East Asia, as well as receiving terminal from export destinations either from IPCC or Namyong. From the operational perspective, Namyong Terminal and IPCC shares information regarding its Operational Method and System Operating Procedure (SOP) in their respective terminals in performing Loading and Unloading activities, Cargo Accumulation Activities and Value-Added Services, so that the results of these formulations can be applied resulting in increased productivity and optimization in the level of service.

About IPCC

IPCC is a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) or Indonesia Port Corporation (IPC). IPCC provides vehicle terminal services. Its “services include Stevedoring, Cargodoring, Receiving, and Delivery," according to Chiefy. In addition, Chiefy also mentioned that IPCC also provides other services namely Vehicle Processing Center (VPC), Equipment Processing Center (EPC), Port Stock and Transhipment RoRo Services. IPCC not only provides terminal services for automotive, however also for heavy equipment, trucks, buses, and spare parts. IPCC has several advantages, in which one of them is being the only commercial terminal management company that provides vehicle terminal services in the 4th most populous country in the world and has 100% captive market for all import/export vehicles, as well as attractive margins. IPCC occupies a land area totaling 31 hectares with a capacity of 700,000 units of vehicles per year. According to its plan, by 2022, IPCC targets to occupy a land area totaling 89.5 hectares with a capacity of 2.1 million vehicles. Thus, IPCC is projected to become the 5th largest car terminal operator in the world.

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