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PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk

PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal, Tbk / IPCC Received a Prima Utama Award for its Service Excellence in Transportation Sector from the Ministry of Transport


JAKARTA, 18th September 2018 – Ministry of Transport of The Republic of Indonesia awarded PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal, Tbk / IPCC with the highest award for its Service Excellence in Transportation Sector, which is 2018 Prima Utama Award.

The assessment has been conducted by the team from the Ministry of Transport, which also involved an independent team from Ministry of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPan RI), academics, Presidential Staff, Ombudsman, transportation experts, media, YLKI over one-year assessment period.

The award was directly presented by Indonesia’s Minister of Transportation, Mr. Budi Karya Sumadi to PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk/IPCC’s CEO Mr. Chiefy Adi K as the Leader of Public Service Management Unit during the award conferring ceremony that took place at JCC Assembly Hall in Jakarta on Monday, 17th Sept 2018.

IPCC has successfully fulfilled the assessment criteria for the public service unit, which falls under the nine instruments/criteria, which includes Vision and Mission as well as Service Motto, Service Standard, Procedure Mechanism System, Human Resources, Facility and Service Infrastructure, Complain Management, People Satisfaction Survey (Survei Kepuasan Masyarakat – SKM), Public Service Information System, and Productivity to achieve its service target.

IPCC has deeply appreciated this assessment as its strategic initiative to constantly boost improvements and improvisations to the society, especially to the Users of Service, which IPCC has consistently and relies itself to the company’s good corporate governance and sustainable growth practice in order to achieve a world class management standard as well as remaining competitive in its service and operations.

Mr. Salusra Wijaya, IPCC Compliance Director, sees that this highest award in service excellence will reassure IPCC’s effort to improve its corporate commitment by relying upon GCG principles which includes the following:
• Continue to do good things (Going Concern)
• Improve the underperformed (Good Governance)
• Finish the pending issues (Pending Matters)
• Develop new ideas (Business Development)

In this regard, Mr. Arif Isnawan, IPCC Commercial Director, also plans to continue its aggressive marketing and commercial strategies to “attract, satisfy, and maintain customers” through its principles of hear you, understands you and grow together. Therefore, the company hopes that these initiatives might cultivate mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual understanding and mutual benefit with its customers.

Furthermore, Mr. Indra Hidayat, IPCC Operations Director also puts an aim for IPCC to become a world-class car shipping terminal on top of remaining competitive in its service and operations and becoming a fully implemented digital car terminal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sugeng Mulyadi, IPCC Finance and Human Capital Director, also sees the implementation of the company’s vision and mission, will be easier to be attained by applying the concept of “People, Love, and Culture”. This concept is expected to create a conducive working environment for its employees, which subsequently will help employees to stay focus on its customers, possess an integrity, proud with its employer and culture as well as providing employees’ satisfaction and welfare.

Mr. Chiefy Adi K, IPCC’s President Director also expressed his happiness and gratitude that IPCC has successfully participated in the service excellence assessment and won this highest award in the public service sector. He sees that this award is undoubtedly underscores the company’s strong effort and hard-work of all the IPCC’s shareholders, Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, Senior Management, employee members, and workers’ association in a way of fulfilling customers’ needs and wants to be on top when it comes to the management of company using a number of good practices such as love, customer centric, integrity, nationalism, teamwork, action, and GCG. This, in turn, will also corroborates IPCC’s effort to constantly contribute for the country’s future and sustainability.

During the evaluation process, the company have also obtained a number of feedbacks for its service progress, which may have to be enhanced in the future, in an effort to produce Happy Employees, Happy Customers and Happy Country.

Moreover, Mr. Chiefy, also stated that this award might stimulate IPCC to improve its creative spirit and also serves as a motivation for the company to undergo a number of improvements and increase its service to society, particularly to IPCC’s service users and partners.

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