About Us

IPCC Terminal is a company designed to provide terminal service for vehicles operating in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia. The services include Cargodoring, Stevedoring, Receiving & Delivery, and other support services.

PT Indonesian Kendaraan Terminal Tbk is a specially designed for commercial terminal with car terminal services provided, such as Stevedoring, Cargodoring, Receiving & Delivery. This terminal also serves as a Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) and Equipment Processing Center (EPC).

PT Indonesian Kendaraan Terminal Tbk was established as a separate business entity on November 5, 2012. 99% of the shares is owned by PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) and 1% by PT. Multi Terminal Indonesia. Prior to its establishment, PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk was merely a strategic business unit named Tanjung Priok Car Terminal (TPT) managed by the head office since June 2007.

PT Indonesian Kendaraan Terminal Tbk currently is also known as IPC Car Terminal.


To be a world class car terminal with excellent service and operations.

A World Class

PT Indonesian Kendaraan Terminal Tbk operates in full capacity as a professional and competitive car terminal managing company, compatible to other world class terminal service providers.

  • Good company image
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Integrated system

A Car Terminal with Excellent

PT Indonesian Kendaraan Terminal Tbk is expected to emerge as a friendly, responsive and reliable car terminal service provider with the ability to exceed the clients’ expectations.

  • High quality services
  • Fast-track service application
  • Easy access for users

A Car Terminal with Ultimate

PT Indonesian Kendaraan Terminal Tbk is capable to attract both domestic and international users to collaborate with IPC car terminal.

  • World class operational standard implementation.
  • Work effectively and efficiently in applying the International Best Practices.
  • Zero Accident Policy in place and capability in meeting the SLA/SLG requirements.


Continuously maximizing the added value as a car terminal service provider for the stakeholders in order to scale up the national economic growth.

For the people and the nation

To ensure the safety of streamlined flow of goods in order to materialize logistical cost-efficiency in intensifying the economic growth that will affect the welfare of the people.

For the stakeholders

To maximize the value of the company and strives to scale up the robustness professionally by fulfilling the aspects of the Best Management Practices.

For the customers and business partners

To provide, develop and operate integrated logistics and terminal services with high quality and reliably in order to satisfy the needs of the customers and partners.

For the employees

Creating a comfortable working environment, embodying customer-focused personnel with integrity who are proud of their company and culture, while at the same time safe-guarding their well-being and complacency.

Corporate Culture

Role Models

All of the structural management officers and staff within PT. Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal, Tbk are role models. They are responsible to deliver leadership principles introduced by Ki Hajar Dewantoro: “ing ngarso sung tulodho, ing madyo mangun karso, tut wuri handayani.” Additionally, the role models must also capable to influence their environment in order to move towards positive changes that will assist the management in achieving the vision and mission of the company.

Agents of Change

All of the staff and officers within PT Indonesian Kendaraan Terminal Tbk are the agents of change. Space for innovations, creativity and contributions are provided for everyone to enable them to bloom and grow accordingly to their duties, responsibilities and roles. Agents of Change are personas who bring about changes in their surroundings; restore psychological aspects and assist the business’ scaling up process in the company.

Philosophical Representation

National Leadership

A form of leadership that is crucial for the future of the nation. ... more

Company Logo

Logo Design

The curve symbolizes dynamics and agility, representing the Company’s ambition to be a world class Car Terminal operator.

Grey Color

The grey color used for the letters in ‘IPC’ and in the word ‘Terminal’ depicts warmth and friendliness as the manifestation of the Company’s services to the stakeholders. The logo represents modernity, confidence and professionalism dedicated to the stakeholders.

Orange Color

The orange color for letters ‘Car’ and the curve above it depict the spirit for change, strength, optimism and employees’ pride to be standing bold the frontline for the sake of the Company’s goals.

Blue Color

The blue color at the lower curve represents the Company’s readiness to enter the dynamic new era and the flexibility of all company’s components in responding to any challenges to be the world class port operator.

We Will SHINE With You

This tagline motivates and encourage all of the Company’s components to contribute to Indonesia’s better future through the collective synergy and collaboration in ensuring the growth of IKT as a world class car terminal with excellent service and operation. We are confident that IKT will be one of Indonesia’s pride.

The logo of PT Indonesian Kendaraan Terminal Tbk. means friendly, vehement, energetic and agile.

  • Mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual understanding, mutual benefit
  • Happy employee, happy family, happy customers, happy country
  • Hear you, understand you, grow together


Sistem Standar Mutu Operasional ISO 9001:2015
Sistem Standar Lingkungan ISO 14001:2015
Sistem Standar K3 OHSAS 18001:2007