The President Director’s Note

PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk

Synergy of Love

“Love is all you need....”

The above phrase is a fracture from a song made popular by the legendary Liverpool band, The Beatles. The phrase mounted on one of the walls at IPC Car Terminal. It is not a mere decoration, rather, it is the spirit of the Company.

It is essential for us to translate the IPC Car Terminal’s Vision, “To be a world class car terminal”, along with IPC Car Terminal’s Values, Characters and Ways into the day-to-day work conduct. We believe that creating, developing and building things cannot be focused solely on functional and aesthetic elements. Things such as ‘”soul” and “message” need to be added into the functional and aesthetic atmospheres to ensure our positive radiance beacons throughout the country and the world. It is also crucial to realize that we are actually building an asset for our nation. Therefore we have to ensure our operation is highly competitive both within the domestic and international market. The country’s future is not merely the responsibility of the President, the Vice President’s, Ministers’ and State-owned Enterprises’. A region’s future is not as well the sole responsibility of its regional government, regional service officers’ or regional-owned enterprises’. This country’s future is determined and shaped by all of the citizens of Indonesia on the basis of our respective roles and responsibilities. Having the roles on our shoulders, we are committed to elevate IPC Car Terminal into an internationally standardized service compatible to largest ports in South East Asia and the World. This will be our dedication for the nation to place Indonesia in an equal spot with other countries. We do this by:

Passion, Love & Culture

The Company’s cultural transformation will succeed only when the management focuses on the following 7 major issues:

Synergy Is Key

Performing jobs with love is the key to success as love drives humans to work more intensively to gain maximum results. This also applies to company management. Love is needed to nurture the creativity and productivity within the workplace. This concept of love is defined as concrete steps that can be accessed and achieved by anyone. “We are confident this Company will grow significantly if we can build close collaboration among the four parties namely the management, the Labor Union, employees’ cooperative with its subsidiaries, and the Employees’ Wife Association,” says Chiefy Adi Kusmargono, the President Director of IPC Car Terminal. “Yet, that is not enough. There should be a constant control, evaluation and feedback from our users, stakeholders, vendors and suppliers. We must take measurable approaches to embrace all of the involved elements to solemnly work hand-in-hand and contribute to our nation through their respective roles by creating the best work conducts and services.”

Building the Nation

In Chiefy’s opinion, running the IPC Car Terminal is not only a matter of earning a living. It is rather a matter or making the Company as a vehicle to contribute and dedicate the good work. Through excellent corporate management system, the company has become a means to enhance the country’s reputation at the global level. “We put the efforts for the sake of our nation’s advancement and dignity. Through our roles, we represent our country. That is why we need to work in serious, excellent, extraordinary and heartfelt manners.” Says Chiefy. “We must be able to compete with the private companies which are effectively, transparently and professionally managed. We even have to win the competition by engaging ourselves in the way the private companies are managed. This way, we will be able to stand equal with both domestic and international private companies. And above all, we have to make sure that we are not underestimated by others.”

Attention to Details

Amidst his busy work schedule, Chiefy still has the time to attend to ‘minor’ things. For him, each and every element of the Company must be integrated in order to gain a good corporate image. There is no such thing as ‘minor thing’ for him as long as it is related to the Company. “We try to translate the IPC Car Terminal Values, IPC Car Terminal Characters and IPC Car Terminal Ways into real actions. For instance, on the very first day of my duty here, I requested the originally dedicated parking area for the directors and managers to be utilized for customers due to the fact that the area is close to the lobby. This is one implementation of IPC Car Terminal values, namely customer centric. Parking for director and managers was shifted to the other employee’ parking further called ‘employee parking area. I also made sure that toilets for employees and customers are clean, neat and perfumed because toilets are representation of our personality. How can we possibly develop this big company when we are unable to deal with minor things such as toilets?” The President Director, holder of Human Capital Management, Human Capital Audit, Port Expert, and Modern Port Management certificates, also has substantial attention in the Company’s sanitation and environment as represented in the current campaign for “Aksi Kecil Hidup Sehat (Small action for healthy life)” and CSR program “Rangkul Warga (Embrace the Community)“.

Humanistic Approach

Chiefy dreams of having a solid and strong team, and it is not an easy thing to materialize. It requires an effective approach to all the Company’s components to achieve it. For this, Chiefy chooses humanistic approaches. “For instance, if I were assigned as the number one person in a subsidiary company, I choose to listen a lot, learn the system and the existing environment. I want to establish a good communication pattern where every individual develop mutual trust, mutual respect with an open mind; there will be time to be serious and time to be more casual in conveying information; and there will be times to be assertive; and there will be time for brainstorming, and idea sharing must always be done in an empathetic way.”

IPC Car Terminal Work Culture

The IPC Car Terminal has confirmed its work culture, namely Customer Centric, Integrity, Nationalism, Team Work & Action. Building such work culture is not easy. This culture transformation will not be effective when implemented only in a top-down manner; neither will it be just like an ‘abracadabra’. Chiefy realizes, in order to build the IPC Car Terminal work culture, he must choose these steps: ‘lead by action; say what you do, do what you say’. To build a strong team, he uses the credo Happy Employee, Happy Customer, Happy Country. He also emphasizes enforcement of discipline, implements reward and punishment system, as well as translates and applies the IPC Car Terminal values starting from minor activities to major ones. It is Chiefy’s wish that those steps will become the collaborative steps of all of IPC Car Terminal components to ensure an energetic, honesty, friendly, assertive, and agile human resource that perform with full initiative, reliability and trust.

Employees are Crucial Assets

It seems impossible to reach the dream of building a big company without whole-hearted participation and involvement of the employees in all levels of work. “Employees are like roots of a tree. Roots represent intention, character and integrity. Good roots will result in good and sturdy stem, with beautiful green shady leaves that also produces fresh sweet fruits,” says Chiefy. “Employees are simply crucial assets. We need to prioritize them in terms of role assignment, career development and the needs to enhance their productivity and services to the stakeholders.” For Chiefy, the credo does not remain meaningless; it is there to start the action. When the IPC Car Terminal manages to exceed the target, Chiefy starts creating employee supporting programs. “We are building an exciting enterprise for our people by creating and inventing comfortable office facilities and atmosphere, making it our second lovely home. There are also facilities and tools for customer satisfaction improvement. Comfortable office atmosphere and complete supporting work facilities enable the employees to work happily and more productively on one hand, and customer loyalty on the other hand”. Chiefy is sure that each change requires adaptation and learning process. There might be employees who find it difficult to adapt to the new work rhythm. “We will undertake necessary coaching, mentoring and counseling. We will encourage the employees to do things that later on becomes their strength and things that they like. We provide sufficient facilities and ample room to create decent and meaningful work. We give them example and guidance. When there is intention, effort and spirit, God Willing, everything is possible,” says Chiefy in his optimistic tone.

The Faces of Car Terminal

The IPC Car Terminal is changing. The IPC Indonesia Car Terminal offices now look brighter with cozy and extravagant working rooms. The corporate identity colors, orange and blue, are dominating the wallpaper with some attractive decoration and warm atmosphere in humanizing the port industry. Talking about the Company image, Chiefy says he wants to create a ‘wow’ work environment with traces of soul & energy that convey a certain meaning and message. Dynamic and energetic work environment will encourage innovation and creativity that will also lead to being a benchmarked company. It is an established work environment constructed on the basis of mutual trust. Each element in the Company should be developed based on the same vision in supporting the Company’s authority. Whereas, authority is constructed on the basis of track record, reputation and integrity that shapes the Company image. It comes from the real efforts, not just words. “No day without achievement for the interest of the Company, the people and the nation. Proud to be working productively, proud of being Indonesian.” says Chiefy. No fruits to pick without taking care of the tree with love. Work synergy will be nothing without love. The Company is constructed over people who work collaboratively and in synergy in the name of love to achieve the goals. “IKT Satoe Tjinta”