Corporate Roadmap

PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk
  • Governance : Business Process, SOP, Structure
  • Culture
  • Business re-definition
  • Fine Tuning in Every Area
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  • Operational & Service in Procurement
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Business Strengthening/Enhancement
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  • Volume Growth
  • Profitability Growth
  • Holding Establishment
  • Terminal Kendaraan operation outside of Jakarta
  • Company Public
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  • Pengoperasian Terminal Kendaraan di Patimban
  • Implementasi Integrated Chain Car Terminal (Door to door)
  • Mensukseskan National Connectivity Program
  • Fokus pada pertumbuhan non organic (M&A)
  • Inisiasi Aliansi pasar global
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  • Establishment of Global foot print
  • Establishment of world class terminal operator
  • Implementation of green Terminal & smart Terminal di seluruh Terminal Kendaraan PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk
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Domestic Car Terminal Development