Receiving & Delivery

PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk


PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk offers operational discharging and inspection services for imported cargo from overseas at the international terminal as well as the domestically sent cargo at the domestic terminal. Services provided are carried out at the Central Inspection Facility. Physical inspection of cargo units are applied prior to discharging or shipping/exporting to other islands/countries. Hand-over operation of cargo is initiated from the time cargo enters the gate until the inspection processes are completed or cargo are sent for export/shipping to other countries/islands. The delivery service is conducted within the terminal, supported by an integrated system.

Advantages of IPCC Services

• Cargo in the terminal can be tracked via online
• Available Information on cargo are acceptable from the start
• Reducing logistics costs
• All activities in IPCC is covered by insurance
• Integrated with CARTOS so delivery of information will be faster
• Accelerate turn around time so ritase car carrier trucking higher and improved delivery
• IPCC assisted document clearance with Customs
• IPCC helped find freight to carry cargo to and from the terminal

Worker Qualifications:

• Experienced
• Certified
• High productivity (200 unit/ship/hour)
• 200 trained and skilled drivers are available
• Zero Damage and Zero Accident