Sea Toll Services

PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk

Sea Toll Services

In line with the Government’s Sea Toll programme in Indonesia to scale up the capacity of the ports, and with IPC’s Pendulum Nusantara programme, PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk joined hands with PT Maspion Group in developing port infrastructure and expansion to eastern Indonesia.

With that basis, on December 2nd, 2014 an MoU between IPC, represented by PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk and PT Maspion Industrial Estate was signed to prepare the development and operation of the car terminal at Maspion Industrial Estate in Gresik. This terminal is the first car terminal in East Java.

Benefit of Sea Toll Services
1. Supporting inter-island connectivity (Java island and other islands)
2. Reducing government road maintenance, repairing, and fuel budget
3. Avoiding major accidents due to overloaded trucks causing congestion
4. Eco-Friendly / Go Green
5. Lower costs needed for infrastructure expansion

Cargo Owner
1. Cheaper logistics cost than using land transportation
2. More secure and reliable
3. Fastest lead time with regular service, creating efficiency through effective management
4. Suitable and efficient for any type of cargo

Logistic Company
1. More secure and reliable.
2. Ensure timeliness.
3. Efficient supply chain management that encourages effective inventory management.
4. Suitable and efficient for any type of cargo.

Trucking Company
1. Avoiding congestion resulting in high operational costs
2. Avoiding illegal charges on the road
3. Reducing truck fuel consumption
4. Minimize risk of road accidents
5. Reducing truck maintenance cost (e.g. spareparts, tire)
6. Improve driver's productivity and effectiveness

Benefits of Roro (Short Sea Shipping)

For the Government
• Supports the connectivity on Java Island and inter-island connection.
• Alleviates maintenance and development budgets for the North --Coastal Line up to IDR 1 trillion per year.
• Evades road accident rates on the North Coastal Line caused by overloaded trucks which will contribute to mitigation of traffic congestion issue in the respective area.

Cargo Owner
• Alleviates high transportation cost on the North Coastal Line.
• Guaranteed safety and security of the cargo.
• Fastest lead time with regular service creates efficiency through effective management.

For Logistics Companies
• Efficient supply chain management endorses effective inventory management.
• Guaranteed safety and security of the cargo.

For Trucking Companies
• Evades traffic congestion that inflicts high operational cost.
• Eliminates illegal charges and security fees normally found along the North Coastal Line.
• Reduces fuel consumption.
• Mitigates road accident risks.
• Reduce maintenace costs for truck fleets (spare parts, tire, etc)
• Increase productivity and effectiveness of drivers.