PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk

Joint Operation Management - Maspion Terminal Kendaraan Indonesia

In line with the Indonesian government’s Sea Toll policy for improvement of port capacity, and in support to IPC’s Pendulum Nusantara work program, PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk ties a collaboration with PT. Maspion Group to develop infrastructure port in Eastern Indonesia.

On 2 December 2014 a Memorandum of Understanding between IPC – represented by PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk – with PT. Maspion Industrial Estate for construction preparation and operation of car terminal at Maspion Industrial Estate in Gresik. This will be the first and the most modern car terminal in East Java.

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Added value MKO MKTI Car Terminal

Berthing Window System
Potential Reversal Cargo
Service standards
by way of a terminal
in Jakarta
Using a reliable
information system
Having facilities Port
Stock and Workshop
Highway access is
already available
Land is still available
can be a hub of logistics
Distance cruise
more closer,
thus saving fuel

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