February 27, 2023

IPCC Look Forward to BIMP-EAGA Area, With Aim to realization Beyond The Gate Expansion

JAKARTA (ISL News) - In line with one of the main programs of PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPCC Terminal Kendaraan/IPCC), "Expansion", the Company plans to explore cooperation with a number of parties for the management of the Vehicle Terminal along with a number of services within its ecosystem in BIMP-EAGA area.

The IPCC sees the potential for developing cooperation in this region. BIMP-EAGA itself stands for Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area, which is one of the subregional economic cooperation formed in 1994 with the main objective of increasing economic cooperation and integration among its member regions. As a Maritime region, BIMP-EAGA offers many opportunities for trade, investment and tourist. These countries are also the destination countries for vehicle exports from Indonesia, especially from the IPCC terminal.

Therefore, the IPCC, which is part of the Pelindo Group, sees an opportunity for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation with various parties in these four countries. On the other hand, this is also in line with the IPCC expansion development route for the management of vehicle terminals in Eastern Indonesia which is geographically close to the BIMP-EAGA area.

In his presentation entitled IPCC Strategy Towards Business Expansion and Collaboration, Rio T.N Lasse, the Main Director of IPCC said that the BIMP area is a potential market for collaborative development of RORO services (RORO Services). Moreover, if the capital city of Nusantara in Balikpapan is realized quickly, the RORO route to the BIMP area can be further improved so that it will be more effective and efficient.

"With the spirit of Beyond The Gate, we as managers of the Vehicle Terminal see that the BIMP-EAGA Collaboration can have a positive impact on the Vehicle Terminal business and its ecosystem in the future. The BIMP area is a very potential market for collaborative RORO service development. On the other hand, the development of the RORO Terminal service can be further enhanced with the realization of the construction of the Nusantara Capital City located in Balikpapan where in this area we are also exploring Cooperation in the Management of a Vehicle Terminal which is standardized as a world class car terminal.” Rio said on the sidelines of his presentation in the BIMP-EAGA Maritime 2023 series of activities.

The BIMP-EAGA Maritime 2023 exhibition and conference series were held at the JW Marriots Hotel, Jakarta which took place on 22-23 February 2023 where at this meeting PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) Persero acted as host supported by the BIMP-EAGA Business Council (BEBC) ), Kadin Indonesia, and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. This event was also attended by various business actors engaged in the maritime and logistics industry from various countries.

On the other hand, as part of the Pelindo Group, IPCC is participating in the BIMP-EAGA Maritime 2023 exhibition to support the Pelindo Group road map, namely expansion, partnership and connectivity. As for the participation of the IPCC, in addition to opening an exhibition booth, he also had the opportunity to be one of the panelists at the conference represented by the Main Director of the IPCC, Rio T.N Lasse. On this occasion, Rio conveyed the Company's main programs, namely Digitalization, Expansion, and Integration as well as the potential for collaboration and collaboration for the development of Vehicle Terminal services with a number of parties in the BIMP area through the implementation of the Company's three main programs.