Press Release

December 21, 2022


Jakarta, December 21, 2022. The national automotive movement, both in terms of vehicles and heavy equipment in 2022, which has increased after a decline due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, has brought blessings to loading and unloading activities at the terminal of PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPCC Kendaraan Terminal / IPCC). On the other hand, internal development and expansion to several areas have also contributed to IPCC's performance. Not surprisingly, the IPCC was able to record a brilliant performance this year both from an operational standpoint with an increase in loading and unloading at the International Terminal and Domestic Terminal as well as an increase in the financial side.

Armed with this increase, the IPCC plans to distribute its interim dividend. This interim dividend is an attempt by management to share its performance result with shareholders. And, of course, to the shareholders who remain loyal to investing in IPCC shares.

In general, there are several considerations from management for distributing this interim dividend, including, for the Company, it gives a signal that there is still excess cash to be distributed to shareholders; then, the Company provides added value to shareholder investors; The Company can also show that it still can obtain the final profit (profit for the year); then, also giving a signal to investors regarding the achievement of the Company's performance; The Company can create a history of dividend payments to shareholder investors; Next, the provision of interim dividends shows appreciation to shareholders while at the same time showing that the Company's fundamental performance is still maintained.

The company is well aware that the trust of shareholders and investors is positive for the IPCC. And with this trust, IPCC will increasingly spur management to provide its best performance to maintain the company's fundamentals well. On the other hand, management also appreciates the faith by giving an appreciation of the dividends issued..

For interim dividends given by the IPCC, the IPCC uses the mid-semester Financial Report (semester I 2022 / 1H22) as a reference. Based on the financial report, it knew that IPCC earned an Operating Income of IDR 302.34 billion with an Operating Profit of IDR 81.02 billion and a Profit for the Year of IDR 45.42 billion. From the acquisition of the Profit for the Year, after it was decided at the IPCC Board of Directors Meeting, a decision was made to provide an interim dividend (Dividend Payout Ratio) of 50 percent or the equivalent of IDR 22.71 billion from the Profit for the Year for Semester I 2022. Thus, the amount of the dividend is equivalent to the Dividend Per Share of IDR 12.49 per share, which will be distributed to registered shareholders.

As stated in the Disclosure of Information to the public, investors and shareholders can observe the following dates as references for the distribution of IPCC interim dividends.

Cum-Dividend in the Regular Market and Negotiation Market: December 26, 2022
Ex-Dividend in the Regular Market and Negotiation Market: December 27, 2022
Recording Date: December 28, 2022
Cum Dividend in the Cash Market: December 28, 2022
Ex-Dividend on the Cash Market: December 29, 2022
Dividend Payment: January 13, 2023

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